Dead Sea Salts Enriched Neem Foaming Face Wash – 100 ml

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  • The Chauth and Nagsan   Neem Face Wash is what your skin was trying to find. Not a lot of Chemical Attack on your skin with artificial ingredients.
  • Organic & Disinfecting Face Eash for Acne. Dead Sea Salts and Tea Tree oil enriched; Cures acne with neem and maintains oil balance
  • Lightens Scars, Blemishes and Improves Skin tone; Skin Type: Normal to Oily
  • Container Type: Bottle
  • Usage: Apply to moist Face & Neck. Massage and rinse off properly. Use it daily to experience the results.
  • Quantity: 100ml; Item Form: Foaming


Q.) Hey, Which Face Wash are you talking about?

This is Dead Sea Salts & Tea Tree Oil enriched Neem Foaming Face Wash. An exquisite and luxurious
foam based Neem face wash is all here to make your skin feel fresh and away from pimples.

Q.) Why this Neem Foaming Face wash so different from other face washes?

The Major ingredients in this premium class face wash are Dead Sea Salts, Tea Tree Oil, and the Neem
Extract along with Aloe Vera. What else your face needs to combat the ever-emerging acne because of
oil and dirt. Foaming is important to retain the ingredients on the face as the normal face wash does not
get retained after washing off with water. Its packaging is premium, luxurious and super travel-friendly
making it the best face wash available in the market.

Q.) What are the Major Ingredients of this Neem Foaming Face Wash?

Dead Sea Salts: It itself has more than 21 Minerals that actually plays an important role in restoring Skin
Tea Tree Oil: It makes your skin free from oil and dirt. Also, helps in preventing pimples.
Neem Extract: With Antifungal and Anti-dirt properties, Neem helps fighting acne and deposition of
dirt. Also, It nourishes the skin by removing dead skin cells and keeps you fresh always.

Q.) By the way, what does this Dead Sea Salts and Tea Tree Oil Enriched Neem Face wash do?

 This face wash is best in fighting acne/pimples.
 This Neem Face wash makes your skin oil and dirt free.
 With Tea Tree, It keeps you fresh and out of oiliness.
 Nourishment is what you will get.
 It is super travel-friendly and packaging is just too good, making it the best face wash in the

Q.) Is there any Particular Hair Type that this face wash is most suited on?

This face wash is best suited for people having oily and combination skin and it is recommended that
this face wash to not be used by people with dry or sensitive skin without the patch test.

Q.) How should we use this Foaming Face Wash?
Apply to moist Face & Neck. Massage and rinse off properly. Use it daily to experience the results.


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2 reviews for Dead Sea Salts Enriched Neem Foaming Face Wash – 100 ml

  1. Shivani Khand (IG: LittleEyesBigDreams)

    This brand is one of my favorites and I’ve tried almost every product of theirs and they never fail to amaze me. So, recently when I got to know about this face wash I was instantly excited to try it out and guess what ? I love it. The foam is smooth, the fragrance is earthy and the best part is I can see the difference in my skin already. I would really recommend it if you have oily or combination skin because it didn’t cause any breakout on my sensitive skin. Glad I found this. 😊

  2. Rutuja Ramteke

    Dead Sea Salts, with Neem, is nature’s personal answer for antibacterial skin care, washing away the factors that lead to acne and pimples. Along with Tea Tree Oil, they strike the perfect balance in Chauth & Nagsan Face Wash. All-natural organic skin care ingredients create the antibacterial properties of this facewash.
    I have tried a lot of neem face washes but I never tried a foaming in face wash and I am so glad for the very first time Chauth and Nagsan have brought this face wash to us. It gives a very bright skin, it’s good for removing oil and helps to get rid of pimples.
    It smells so good and works for all kind of skins. I will definitely recommend it and even the formula is extremely good

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