Dead Sea Salts Enriched 6 In 1 Oil – 100 ml


  • Suitable to All Types of Hair Types , especially, Dry Hair
  • NO Mineral Oil & PARABENS
  • Organic, Vegan & GMP Certified
  • Reduces hair fall and enhances Scalp’s Sulfur Content
  • Moisturize the Hair
  • Mitigates Dandruff due to dry scalp
  • Improves upon Scalp’s Blood Circulation
  • Prevents Pre Mature Graying
  • Travel Friendly Packaging


Q.) Hey, Which Hair Oil are you talking about?

This is Dead Sea Salts Enriched 6 in 1 Hair Oil. It comes in a bottle of 100 ml with two caps that actually
makes it super travel-friendly and at the same time gives it a Premium Look. It is so light in weight that
you will never feel that you have even applied it.

Q.) Why this 6 in 1 Oil so different from other Hair Oils?

It is a combination of 6 most effective, premium and exotic oils in one along with the goodness of Dead
Sea Salts. While Dead Sea Salts help in restoring Hair Health, the other 6 oils make your hair super
nourished and do the total hair repair. This Hair Oil is free of any Mineral Oils and is completely natural,
vegan and paraben-free. This Hair Oil is a luxury only few can afford to explore. Then why miss this
opportunity to experience the drastic change in your hair condition. Its fragrance is that of Mild Green
Tea that is more healing than anything.

Q.) What are the Major Ingredients of this Hair Oil?

Dead Sea Salts: It itself has more than 21 Minerals that actually plays an important role in restoring Hair
Sunflower Oil: It moisturizes the hair and reduces hair thinning.
Vitamin E: It increases the blood flow to the hair scalp and reduces split ends.
Bhringraj Oil: It helps in reducing hair fall.
Amla Oil: It prevents hair loss and premature hair graying.
Grapeseed Oil: It nourishes the hair scalp and boosts hair growth.
Green Tea: It moisturizes the scalp and prevents dandruff due to dry scalp.

Q.) By the way, what does this Dead Sea Salts Enriched 6 in 1 Oil do?

 This Hair Oil prevents Hair fall.
 It prevents premature graying of hair.
 It nourishes the hair scalp and fights with dandruff.
 More Importantly, It does total hair repair.
 It is a very light hair oil. You will never feel its weight.
 Green Tea fragrance will help you mitigate the stress as well.

Q.) Is there any Particular Hair Type that this 6 in 1 Hair Oil is most suited on?

Dead Sea Salts enriched 6 in 1 hair oil is majorly suited on all types of hair. However, it is always
recommended connecting with your physician if you have any allergy for any ingredient or not.

Q.) How should we use this Hair Oil?

Apply oil thoroughly to your hair and scalp at night before you can go to sleep. Keep it overnight and
wash your hair the next morning with Luke warm water and a mild shampoo. For best results use 2-3 times in
a week.


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