Dead Sea Mud Scrub – 125 gm

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  • The Chauth and Nagsan Dead Sea Mud Scrub is the best in class to make your face and body skin look toner and free of dirt, dust, and contaminations.
  • A Perfect Scrub for Combination and Oily Skin Types.
  • Package Content: 1 Pack of Face Scrub, Volume: 125 Gram
  • Absorbs Extra Oil: It absorbs extra oil from the skin due to the presence of high composition of magnesium, sodium, potassium, and calcium. It makes your face soft with fresh and young skin.



Q.) Hey, Which Face and Body Scrub are you talking about?

This is Dead Sea Mud Scrub. With more than 21 salts, Dead Sea Mud is an effective agent to deep
cleanses your skin. It’s a Luxury not known to many. It’s not Ayurveda, yet it is a completely natural face
and body scrub.

Q.) Why this Dead Sea Mud Scrub so different from other walnut scrubs?

The Key Ingredient in this mud scrub is Dead Sea Mud. Dead Sea Mud, in itself, is an elixir to many skin
ailments. It is Natural, Vegan and Paraben Free. Give yourself the luxury of Dead Sea Spa at your home
itself. An Incredible Product with Wonderful Packaging makes it leak-free jar throughout. A Sufficient
Quantity to last for a very long time, this face and body scrub is the best investment on yourself. It is
gentle on the skin. The Scrub is enriched with Walnut Shell Powder that is best known to be skin cleanser
without being harsh on the skin.

Q.) What are the Major Ingredients of this Mud Scrub?

Dead Sea Mud: It itself has more than 21 Minerals that actually plays an important role in mitigating
skin aging, wrinkles, and pores.
Glycerin: It makes sure that your skin doesn’t look excessive dry.
Aloe Vera Leaf Juice: It makes your skin super nourished.
Vitamin E: It helps in minimizing scars and makes skin soft.
Bentonite Clay: It reduces acne naturally and helps in reducing the excess oil from the skin.
Walnut Shell Powder: It perfectly tones up the skin along with deep cleansing without the particles
being too harsh on the skin.

Q.) By the way, what does this Dead Sea Mud Scrub do?

 Dead Sea Mud Scrub makes your skin super smooth.
 It mitigates acne and minimizes acne scars.
 This Mud Scrub reduces wrinkles, pores, and anti-aging signs.
 More Importantly, It nourishes your skin.


Q.) Does it remove Tanning?

Yes & No. Basically, It mitigates Tan in the long term but Dead Sea Mud doesn’t remove the tan in the
Short term.

Q.) Is there any Particular Skin Type that this Face and Body Scrub is most suited on?

Dead Sea Mud is perfect for Oily and Combination Skin Types of People. We recommend it to be not
used by people with dry and sensitive skin. It may give some tingling sensation, while applying, to few.

Q.) How should we use this Dead Sea Mud Scrub?

Apply a healthy portion of scrub to targeted areas and massage in a circular upward motion. Allow 3 to
5 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. Use two times a week for best results.


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