Dead Sea Salts Enriched Nourishing Day Creme – 50 gm


  • Suitable to Normal to Dry Skin Types
  • Organic, Vegan & GMP Certified
  • Dead Sea Salts Imported from the Source.
  • Moisturizes & Nourishes Skin to the deep
  • Brightens up the Face with Perfect Radiance
  • Titanium Di Oxide prevents from Sun Tan up to 4 hours
  • Prevents Acne and Mitigates Acne Scars
  • Improves Facial & Body’s Blood Circulation
  • Removes Dead Skin Cells
  • Mitigates Wrinkles and Dark Spots
  • Travel-Friendly Packaging
  • Tones up the Skin
  • Balances pH
  • Very Light Fragrance


Q.) Hey, Which Crème are you talking about?

This is Dead Sea Salts Enriched Nourishing Day Crème with SPF 15. A premium moisturizer, with
the goodness of raspberry and watermelon seed oil, this crème is a luxury for you to look fresh and
active all throughout the day.

Q.) Why this Day Crème is so different from the other crèmes?

A luxurious treat to yourself, this nourishing crème is all here to hydrate, protect and brighten up your
face with all-natural, vegan and paraben-free ingredients. With the power of watermelon and raspberry
seed oil, your skin will be hydrated all day throughout without making it oily. The SPF 15 will protect
your skin from harmful sun rays for at least 4 hours. At the same time, the crème will make sure your
face remains to brighten up throughout the day.

Q.) What are the Major Ingredients of this Nourishing Day Crème with SPF 15?

Dead Sea Salts: It itself has more than 21 Minerals that actually plays an important role in restoring Skin
Titanium di Oxide: It protects skin from the harmful sun rays.
Watermelon Seed Oil: It hydrates skin very much and gets easily absorbed by the skin. It is perfect for
acne-prone skin as well.
Raspberry Seed Oil: It is anti-inflammatory and helps to prevent psoriasis.

Q.) By the way, what does this Dead Sea Salts Enriched Day Crème do?

 It hydrates the skin without making it oily.
 It protects the skin from harmful sun rays for a minimum of 4 hours.
 It brightens up the skin all day throughout.
 It helps in preventing psoriasis.
 It has a mild smell of watermelon that will make you fall in love with it.

Q.) Is there any Particular Skin Type that this crème is most suited on?

This Dead Sea Salts enriched Nourishing Day Crème is majorly suited to the people having normal to dry
skin. Since it hydrates the skin, People with oily skin may feel sweaty after applying it.

Q.) How should we use this Crème?

Take the right quantity on your hands and massage daily during day time on your face with an upward
stroke. Use it before going in the sunlight or after coming back from outside.


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